pic: Scoring time on Galileo

The refs sort out a score on Galileo during qualifying rounds. One bot tipped over - none hanging - 5 pointers scattered all over the place!

just curious, how’d you get an ariel view like that?!?! great shot!

That was taken from the catwalks of the dome by 93’s photographer Guy Johnson.

what robot is that in the right bottom corner

It kinda looks like Heatwave (312). I’m not sure if they were in that division but the flames are their style. It could also be the HOT Bot from HOT (67).

neither of those teams was on galileo.

233 post…roccobot think pink

I saw that match up close and personal, as my team was next… 93 and 263 were together, 93 catches the balls, fills the goal up, and 263 caps… I forget who they were against, just remember it being a great non-hanging match

This appears to be match 13 on the Galileo field. 263 and 93 vs. 192 and 587. 93’s Alliance won 115 to 25.

Great shot.

so i guess my mystery robot is 587?

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