pic: Screenshot

This is a screenshot of my pre-regional downtime project. It’s a dashboard, only much more useful than IFI’s.

It’s also much more useful to debuging, because you see a lot of flags all at once, so it’s easy to pick out problems.

Guess what each of the functions are.

. . . hmm Im going to guess biased on the theme

fire photon torpedoes
raise Shields
open hailing frequencys

also Im wondering if you got Majel Barrett to to VOs for this thing

. . but seriously I would love to meet your artist that did that

“Mr. Worf, fire poof-ball torpedoes!”

That’s a really cool display, was that on your O/I or did someone just make it for fun?

Love the Star-Trek theme! :smiley:

The most artistic part was the images for the launcher and ball. The LCARS curves and such are controls from the LCARS ActiveX Control Package, although mods are necessary to get performance necessary to do this.

You gotta love VB6. All the flexibility of VB, none of the overhead of .NET!

awsome thanks

Ha! Sombody likes LCARS! Lemme take a wild stab from the color scheme…Voyager?
We (team 81) had an LCARS terminal built into our control panel that monitored robot functions and had recordings that said “the automatic pilot system is not functional” when auto made ended and “energy reserves at critical stage” when the battery was low. Super cool!

That is really cool! Nice job :smiley:

One thing I should mention, all but 2 of our robots functions are on there. The 2 that are missing are the wall of rollers to take balls from floor to top of hopper and and agitator to keep balls from getting stuck.

For this one, I didn’t focus on the color scheme much. Mostly what was given to me. Maybe the version at the end of summer will be better.

Yes, I saw that. Not bad (although, IMHO, a little cluttered).

The problem with audio cues is that it’s kinda hard to hear them with all the noise.

And yes. The whole thing is super-cool. :cool:

Earbud headphone in one ear?

Oh my, I LOVE it! :smiley:

Sorry, die-hard Trekkie… Shall I go hide now?