pic: Second year team needs your help: Are these bumpers legal?!?!!?


I am a mentor on a second year team from Oshkosh, WI.
My students have designed our bumpers on our robot, and I think they have done a great job!

I partially skimmed the rules in chapter 6 of the manual and it reads that the bumpers only need to be fully supported by our frame.

I know they have to be red and blue, we are planning on spray painting the rubber before competition.

The only thing that confuses me, is that I don’t seem to be able to put our team numbers on these bumbers… should I use bigger pieces of rubber instead?

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks to Mr. Karmen, and Mr. Woodie, and that weird NASA guy ( I think he was wearing a pimp costume) I saw in the kickoff for all the hard work they do to support this Varsity Sport of the mind!


Looks sick Tyler.

Something about those bumpers seem illegal, but I can’t place my finger on it… :wink:

Hiya Dude,
you need to take a step back and reread the rules on the bumpers. Read the WHOLE section. FIRST has detailed exactly how to make legal bummers using pool noodles, fabric. Aluminum angle and plywood. please read page 11 in “the robot” section of the rules. Those are not suggested bumpers, those are how they need to look in order to pass inspection.

:eek: :eek: This is some sort of joke, right?

If it’s not a joke, I suggest you go back and read the manual, cover to cover, several times, spending a great amount of time on section 8.3.1, and also all of the rule updates.

I can’t believe that you posted this on here Tyler! You call me all the time asking about rules and i don’t even get called about the bumpers!?!?!? I could have told you that if you just make them like 2 times as big you can easily fit your team number in there and be legal!

I think im going to take a day or 2 off of my spring break to take a trip to the Wisconsin regional and see this thing in action.

Can’t use just use red and blue urethane instead?

I’m gonna say no just because I don’t want to have to compete with that thing (twice) :slight_smile:

Looks great Tyler!!

Um those bumpers are illegal as they obviously weigh more than 20lbs. LOL :wink:

Nice bot by the way!:slight_smile:

2826 has definitely built a quality robot with legal bumpers before. They’re just kidding. :slight_smile:

Why do you think I moved to New York???

It’s week 5, I’m running on 5 hours of sleep, typing coherent sentences takes several tries and requires over-use of the backspace key, and the pessimism is setting in. Thank you for making me laugh :

Are those genuine rubber baby buggy bumpers?

Didn’t sense the sarcasm in the first read. Didn’t get it in the second or third either. My sarcasm meter must be defective, or it could be the fact that I haven’t met with my team in 9 days and I might be a tad depressed seeing how far behind we are. :ahh:

What tipped me off was that an MC, 2nd year mentor and more-years-than-that participant “partially skimmed” Section 6 to find bumper information.

That’s something that means 1) You’re REALLY, REALLY lousy at knowing what you’re doing in this competition, or 2) You’re making a joke.

By the way, you are planning on removing those or filling in the gaps to comply with <R07>'s attachment requirements (refined in Update 6 and Update 7), right?

I’m going to take a stab that this is actually some sort of awesome bumper /attachment/ system.

Warning: Thread contains massive amounts of sarcasm! :rolleyes:

On a serious note though, I am curious as to what the purpose of these rubber things are…

  • Is it just a feature to hook the bumpers on to (seems a bit excessive if that’s the case)?
  • Is it just intended to provide extra shock protection and if so, what is the reasoning for needing it in addition to standard bumpers?
  • Is this just 100% a joke and you’re not actually planning to use them?
  • Is there some other purpose I’m missing here?

I had to check my calendar, and no, it isn’t April 1.

Ha! Way to trick everyone Tyler. I’m looking forward to seeing what Wave Robotics has come up with this year.

All right it’s time that I come clean…

Yes the point of this image is a joke, but was also meant to dual serve as a teaser pic as well.

The rubber grommets will not be used for the robot. The students put them on the robot for kicks and made the joke that we could use it as the bumper…

I just really wanted to have some fun in the community, as Karibou said this is basically what inspired me to post this…

Glad I could make a couple people laugh and smile in this stressful build season!

It’s not so much the laughing as the thought (just for a second even) that someone out there is dumber than I am :smiley: