pic: Secret City Wildbots Team 4265 Off-Season Drivetrain #1

This is the third version of the dragonfly style drive that we pioneered last off-season with all issues discovered, resolved. Now in traction mode it operates like a eight wheel center drop, and can switch at will into four omni-wheels.
(Below is posted the CAD files and code)


Why was it decided to have the gearboxes in an non symmetrical position?

Well for one it is symmetrical it has origin symmetry,but to answer your question it is because if they were together it would be nearly impossible to remove the motors with the long bot configuration. Whereas you would then need to widen the bot, and we just didn’t want to have a widebot.

Why butterfly this year?

After driving the octacanum last year we realized there was a incredible amount of slippage with the mecanum wheels since we went from a 4" colson to a 6" mecanum rotating at the same speed. Since the only 4" mecanum wheels were provided by VexPro and it was found in our prototype where we used the 6" VexPro mecanums and the rollers were snapping like crazy so we didn’t want to take the chance with the 4".So we switched to the 4" omnis from VexPro.

You should look at the 4" AM mechs.

We experienced the same thing

Seconding this. They look really solid.

Can you confirm the vex mechs you used were the late model and not the new model?

Yes in fact they were last years mechs and not the new ones