pic: Secret part of my newest vexbot

if anyone can accurately guess what it’s for, you are one smart cookie. yes feel free to let me know how dangerous this may or may not be i already know. and i assure i and all bistandards will be protected.

if anyone can accurately guess what it’s for, you are one smart cookie.

Isn’t it a part of a microwave. We had things that looked very similar in room last year (like 10?) and they told me it was part of a microwave.

Yeah, that’s a magnetron.
His new robot won’t just retrieve your food, it will heat it up on the way.

Looks like a microwave magnetron.

edit oops someone he beat me to it edit

She’s absolutely right. It’s a magnetron.

So, what do you need that for?

Cooking enemy robots… perhaps soldering on the fly?

Obviously heating your donut while it delivers it to you. :cool:

oh oh I know!!! feels special

Maybe for killing termites?

A microwave works by exciting the h20 particles in the food creating heat… so soldering is out…thats why you cant heat a potato chip in the mircowave

Microwaves also excite silicon carbide, thats how microwave crucibles work. A portable metal casting robot?

A death-ray?

Microwaves are built so that the magnetrons will not turn on with the door open, because the radiation is harmful to humans.

That being said, I’m going with Cody’s death ray guess. :wink:

Not enough H2O in the air :frowning:

There still should be enough water in the battery soln. to cook the robots… :wink:

Actually, we’ve been using microwaves for line-of-sight radio relay communications for quite some time now. Any time you see a radio tower that looks like the picture below, it’s actually a microwave radio relay tower. Usually they are painted red and white.

(Actually, it was a technician who was servicing a magnetron that noticed that microwaves “cook” things, as his peanut candy bar became the first microwaved food. :yikes: )

So here’s the question: is Tytus developing the world’s first Vex space satellite? :eek:

First, I gotta try that. :slight_smile: Second, if microwaves excite H20 then why the reaction with metal?

It seems like any bot safely using a magnetron would be rather large for a vex bot. Unless it’s not made to move, but make you’re existing microwave more awesome.

metals reflect microwave and raido waves a microwave oven produces a frequincy of 2.45GHZ the wavelegnth is between 12cm and 13cm. thats why your microwave oven at home has a perforated peice of metal in its window. becasue microwaves can’t pass through it.

You realize that this will omnidirectionally broadcast high power microwaves, right?

:ahh: i hope you wear your lead apron around this thing. along with anyone else in a 50’ radius.

by the way, how on earth are you going to power this? they usually take 700~1500w input. (Thats 75~125 amps at 12VDC :yikes: )

just my 2 cents, but, i think this might be a baaaad idea…


This will be interesting to watch - over the internet.

Maybe he’ll just use it as ballast.

Maybe it’s supposed to be puzzling, like my laser. (Maybe I’ll use that on a robot…)

Cool link, but I opened the site in a background tab and it freaked me out when the SitePal guy gave a booming “HELLO” with my speakers turned up all the way :/.