pic: See something familiar? #3

So… I went to Preston's front office down the hall. When I walked in, something was very ironic, cause right before I was on AIM with Paul (our team captain) and talking about the "them."


You can only find them in South Carolina.

That's enough clue for someone to guess.

man, you people need to stop using the glare for the cameras. i was looking for a rearview mirror somewhere but i couldn’t seem to find it… any clues? i had a suspicion that it was on her bracelet but sigh i was never good at spotting these things

okay wait i got it, if you gouge out your eyeballs turn upside down hold the eyes with your pinky toes and look away from the picture you can see that on the computer screen, it clearly says, Billfred thinks “Big Mike”

is that a 1293? it’s so blurry… it couldn’t possibly be. that’s just furniture that happens to be in some obscure shape that could be interpreted as a 1293. i doubt that’s what billfred what hinting at.

(nice parody btw)

do i see chief delphi on the chair next to the robot? and of course the robot.

There’s a huge Twizzlers running through your robot.

Make sure you read the pictures discription. It explains what he’s wants you to guess at. Im guessing its whatever the kid is holding in her hand. I can’t make it out but it looks white…

I wouldn’t munch on that tether cable, personally. :rolleyes:

Man i can’t find it this is way worse than arefin’s reflection of the clouds in the windshield Im completely stumped where is it?

Ok, I just spent the last ten minutes staring at the picture and using a firefox zoom extension to zoom in and look for details. I do not think I found it. Here are a few things I found. There is something green on the desk behind the robot, it could just be a pneumatic tube though. The white thing in the girl’s hand could be a piece of paper, but I am not sure. Could it be her bracelet made of some type of metal rings or coke pop tops? Also, there was a strange pattern on the floor to the left of the robot. This could just be lack of quality of the camera. What is that blue area behind the robot, lower down? Maybe that is a bin from the 2003 game or something similar.

Receptionist: Mr. 1293, the doctor will be with you shortly

you know, i bet billfred’s referring to the phone number that the lady’s dialing – see you thought you could get me…

(p.s. billfred you forgot to mispell a word in your description…maybe “you can only fined them…” or something)
oh man fin’s gonna kill me…

Hmm… those characters when viewed upside down on that big metal thing spell EG51… WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

I know what it is! If you look closely, you can see a little calendar thing in the bottom right hand corner that has the number 2000 on it! Could it be a giveaway from team 2000 from a past year… I wonder…

Or could it have something to do with that sharpie on the table, upon closer inspection, I could make out something that looks like it spells out AHIN… What does that mean?

I suppose an explanation is in order.

This week, I had to give a presentation in MGMT 250 on something that interested me and that I could speak about for six minutes. I chose volunteering at FIRST events, since other things (like “how to build a proper window motor drivetrain”) either took too long or weren’t really that interesting for other folks. (Remember, it’s a business class.)

So I asked Mr. Orr, 1293’s coach, if I could borrow Ockham for the presentation. I picked him up Monday and took him back Thursday, managing to scratch up the plastics of my car’s interior and giving myself some mighty nasty nicks and bruises in the process.

I tip my hat to Paul Copioli–I drove Ockham (which is based on the kitbot frame) to and from the BA building, well over a mile round-trip. The chassis held up like a brick, with only a couple of bolts coming loose from the experience, plus a brief demonstration at Preston’s monthly talent night.

So, what’d I learn?

-If you want a car that’ll take a FIRST robot fine, get a 1997 Honda CR-V, and don’t let your robot expand further.
-A FIRST robot will fit in my room–if you’re good, you can even drive it into the space between the beds. (Talk about your end zones…)
-If you’re going to present in business attire, take the robot down first, then change.
-A walk down a USC sidewalk with a FIRST robot will take you twice as long as it does alone.

So…what’s the significance compared to the other two, again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a good laugh.

Arefin’s team number was barely visible, Tytus’ was visible if you knew where to look. So I just had to post a picture with a team number in an ordinary setting to continue the series. I just happened to pick team numbers that were 4" high, with 3/4" stroke and contrasting colors.