pic: See something familiar?

So… I went to do a 60,000 miles checkup on the car. When I got my car back, something was very ironic, cause right before I was on the phone with Tytus and talking about the “them.”

Clues: Real men wear ___________. (Jeez… I didn’t sleep last night, give me a break.)

           You can only find them in Florida.

That’s enough clue for someone to guess.

Wait is it supposed to be in the picture? I can figure out what the answer is but am I supposed to find it?

EDIT: upon closer inspection I can make out 233 :smiley:

Hanging off his rearview mirror is a sign that says 233.

You can barely see it though, i had a tough time finding it, although i knew it was there.

^ I agree. I think that Arefin was referring to: Real Men Wear Pink.
Just a guess.

Go 1403!!!

is that a VW?

And just because I have to correct Fin’s grammar cuz he never makes mistakes with it, “Real Men Wear Pink” Hehe

then again…it kinda makes sense. you see, in florida we have alot of sun, so after visting the beach the “real men WERE pink” because they were man enough to go out into the sun and were consequently sunburned? no, maybe it’s a grammar problem…

and i could NOT find 233. it’s kinda hard when you look at the car and get distracted by the reflection of the clouds. i bet he did that on purpose – the cheater.
(fyi i’m not serious)

he’s just been in the sun too long and in FIRST too long :slight_smile:

just teasing… we all do it though… esp us crazy ppl in this lovely state

When I saw the photo before I couldn’t figure it out. I kept staring at the reflections in the glass since not much was visible through the windows.

I think it’s a Camry.

Ya it is.

Speaking of cars and the sky, I recently took this picture of the back of my car and when I got to looking at it I saw how cool it really was. I planned on just having a picture of the back of my car not the sky! :wink:

Notice the clouds, sun, and shadow of my PSU decal!

Rep points to the first person that correctly guesses what kind of car I drive. :slight_smile:

ford taurus?
mercury cougar?

I say mercury sable

word has it that its a Toyota Camry.

Did anyone think that the sign said 232 for awhile?

He has a car now? w00t for wheels. wonder if he designed his own drive train… :stuck_out_tongue:

I nominate Arefin for the first annual “most horrible photography skillz competition”.

I hope you can design tranny’s better than you can work a camera and make sure your lighting conditions are good enough. Although… the picture didn’t come out blurry which is a good sign… but the camera prevents blurry pics nowadays anyways so I won’t give Fin the credit for that one, but the camera… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeesh… even knowing what is supposed to be there you can barely see it at all.

i saw “238” for a while but that’s just me

and it figures that he probably made the sign hard to see on PURPOSE so that someone like me would totally miss it even after staring at the pic for a good 10 minutes – so perhaps his skills are good because he made it difficult… or it could have been purely unintentional and then i agree with clock

Alex was close, but he had the wrong brand/make!

I didn’t expect to have a correct answer that quick!


hahaha… the picture was taken like that purposely so it would be a little hard for someone to find what I was actually talking about. Then again Elgin… I don’t carry around a camera with me all the time to take pictures of random people. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yea… here it is for Brad…

At first i was looking for a PINK flamingo…but then i couldnt find it and read the post…i still cant see the number…but i trust you guys…