pic: See somthing wrong here?

Our plaction wheels after 2 seasons

That’s why we went with performence wheels.

Yes. There’s an “e” missing.

Did this happen during competition? You seemed to be fine during your last match. It’s interesting how the spokes + tread could still act as a semi-functional wheel for the remainder of a match if this did happen on the field. Either way, it’s pretty good data for Andy & crew.

Yeah it kinda stinks that they broke, but getting one season out of a set of wheels is pretty good. 2 seasons, especially with the bump this year and the bridges, I think would be pushing it for any plastic wheel.

Definitely agreed. 4 events with obstacles like bridges and bumps is very good for a plastic wheel, especially since the failure isn’t at the hub of the wheel.

It is a solid product, but with the recent spur of teams who get to play 4-5 events a season + offseasons, I don’t think you should be expecting that kind of life out of most parts of your robot. Those wheels had a good run, more events of rough driving would be asking a bit much out of them, I think.

8" Plastic wheels, they look alot like ours after one season. I believe we went through four wheels. The center bump really did not do them any favors.

yeah they did our team well. The most loss was loading, unloading, and pushing the robot after the events at our different sponsor visits. The last matches only a small 1 inch peice was missing from one side. Other than that cracks were there to. They lasted great through competition but glad they fell apart off season. Team got together to do some other small fixs and that was one of them. Even with the plastic rim gone in the one section it was still able to drive with little notice.

If I didn’t know any better I would say nice job on trimming some weight off your bot, but most people don’t trim material from their wheels. :smiley: It looks like an order from AndyMark might be a good idea.

that’s why you check wheels for cracks between matches