pic: See what I put up with?

For those who haven’t experienced Jess’ clipboard, this is what it’s like more or less.

From top left, there is a Team 236 “Got Bot?” that has more or less faded away, followed by an easyC PRO sticker. Beneath the AndyMark sticker is an Olin College sticker and a “babo” sticker (an old name for Babson’s police dept)

The Clipboard of Doom has some new additions since CMP:

1.) trackball dot
2.) ringdingrick.com stickers

Be glad she caught you with the clipboard instead of that rock. :yikes:

And of course, don’t try to convince us that you didn’t deserve it! But at least you got wacked by one of the greatest volunteer coordinators ever!

I saw Jessica several times at the Championships, and never once did I see her clipboard raised against someone. Then, I never saw her and Bill together - maybe it’s just somthing he brings out in her. :rolleyes:

I worked with Jess on Galileo all weekend, and guess what?

She promised not to clipboard me!

Sorry, Billfred, it may just be you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only seen pics of Jess using the clipboard twice, and they were both on you.

Well at least you weren’t carjacked by Jess!