pic: Segways have been around longer that we've thought!


Old segway found by my aunt in California. Who knew??


I hope you sent a copy to Dean …

That’s old school if I ever saw it!

What is that?

It looks like a trailer dolly

you hook it into the tongue of a trailer, it has a ball hitch, and push the handle down to lift the trailer up

then you can drag the trailer around

either that or its a segway spoof photoshop

Originally Posted by KenWittlief
either that or its a segway spoof photoshop

i dont think its a spoof. thats the real deal, george washington style! maybe he crossed the deleware on a segway when it froze over 0_o

Im assuming thats a historical area. They probabely made it as a joke.

you know the first bicycles had no pedals, you pushed them with your feet on the ground

maybe this was made before Newton invented gravity? Back then you didnt need dynamic stabilization, it would stand up by itself (because we didnt know about gravity yet).