pic: Segways in France


I was in France 3 weeks ago and while eating dinner one night…these people cruised by

Sigh Always look to the French to ruin a good thing. Why did they have to put facial care ads on Segways? What’s weirder is… it’s in ENGLISH!!

Sorry if I offended any French people.

. . ok I say we stop exporting these things to France . . at least until they prove they can be responsible with them.

edit:by irresponsible I mean using them for mobile advertising(like those trucks you see driving down the highway with signs on them) . . and using 2 of them side by side saying the same thing(you think they would have spread out to hit more people) . . its not an anti French joke . . its an anti mobile advertising joke, I only say France because that was where the picture was taken. if I see more things like this from other countries(Germany, Russia, USA, Bulgaria, etc) I will make the same note.

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This is done here in the US too. I have a picture of myself on Slate next to a giant Hot Dog Costume Guy on their advertisement Segway.

The girl on the right looks like she could be JVN’s sister. Je me demande si elle agite les points?

They have a chariot look about them.

having recently returned from europe, i was surprised that they had so many “segway tours” around. they spent a bit of time teaching you how to ride and then the group would progress through the city.

At the British Open this past weekend, they appeared to have cameras mounted on Segways that would go alongside the golfers as they walked down the fairway. The editor didn’t let them get into view very often, but when they did, you could pick out exactly when they cut to the Segway-Cam. An interesting use of the technology.

notice the date…
that is all

Segways are getting pretty common now a days.
Our local museum just put in an order, so that the Docents (age 55+) can go around on it and give tour to groups etc.
Not only that, Dean’s creation is now heading into the military and medical (hospitals) field too. Mainly, every next generation robot needs to walk on two feet, and Segway scooter is the best way so far to deal with that situation. I’m waiting for the time when FIRST will give out a game that needs a two wheel robot and Segway will come with the kit :rolleyes:

here just another example of Segway robot…once again NOTICE THE DATE!

Soon people will stop walking and start riding Segway…for all that Dean/FIRST will get blamed; for making people lazy :stuck_out_tongue: