pic: Selling noodles in order to keep throwing noodles.

1261 is selling ramen noodles during lunch as a small fundraiser.
What kind of fundraiser is your team doing?

Very interesting.

I know when I was a student in Gwinnett County, we were NOT allowed to sell food items as fundraisers, as it was considered to be “directly competing against the school system” or some such nonsense.

Glad to see GCPS has changed that!

In addition to selling World’s Finest Chocolate, we’re also selling some toolkits donated by the local iFixit. We did a Piggybackr campaign in the fall to raise money for a RoboRIO control system for our practice robot.

We sell Otis Spunkmeyer cookies every year with great success! They are about the best the best batches of cookie dough you can buy and the company is wonderful and simple to work with, more so than any other fundraiser company we have used. We accidentally started selling at the same time as girl scouts . . . but it hasn’t seemed to affect sales all that much.

Team 753 in Bend, OR puts on holiday camps for K-3 kids, by donation. They do science projects and Jr FLL activities. It’s a TON of fun!

Last year we did a 3d printer fundraiser where we sold locket that were 3d printed that we made.

Screened the movie “Slingshot.” It was the easiest $2k we’ve ever made - AND we got to see an awesome film. One of our invited guests is also working with us as a new team sponsor for next year.

Though noodles sure sound good, right about now.