pic: Semi finals 2, whole lotta tetras

Overall view of the field, TEN tetras were scored in a single goal, with 45 and 65 alternating the heavy work and with some help from 269 and 383. What an awesome match!

Haha, i’m pretty sure thats Ken up on the jumbo tron.

That was a pretty good match, look at those stacks on the center goals.

Ah, yes - that IS Ken on the big screen. That was the last match for him wearing his hat as Stevie gave Ken his mohawk after the score was announced.

At lot of things on our team happened as a result of this match. Ken said he would let Stevie spike his hair if we stacked more than 6 tetras in a match during this regional (quite a big challenge considering the mid-regional design change to Stevie’s skewer arm). We stacked 7 or 8 tetras this match. The results can be seen in Josh’s who-am-I picture.

Also, Bill (our shop leader) said that he would buy dinner if tetras were ever stacked 10 high (he said this because he thought we over-did our reach a little). Count’em up - there are 10 tetras on the side goal! Bill was shaking his head after that match.

That was one heck of a match. The real difference was the goal on the bottom right. Our alliance (red) needed it to be red, and it was blue. I think that 903 capped it as blue and then did a good job of defending that goal.

Now… speaking of the 10 stack. I am proud of our drivers for the fact that they capped that 10th tetra while being about 10 feet away from the goal with 4 seconds to go. However, we did not have time to pull our tetra hook out of the stack and we were touching the top red tetra. So… is it technically a fully-scored 10 stack? no. Bill might be getting off on a technicality, Chris.

Andy B.

awe man you shouldn’t have said that. lol. Well the points didn’t count but there is still 10 up there. It’s a 10 stack. :wink: