pic: Senior Mentors climb the ramp in Philly

Senior Mentors, past and present, in Philly
Dee Tomczak (now Asst. RD in VA), Rich Kressly-PA, Jenny Beatty-MD, Paul Kloberg-NJ, Brad Lauer (now RD in MA/CT)

Let the record note that the senior mentors together only scored five points–only Jenny’s feet are not touching the carpet. :wink:

Wow, were you all so exhausted that you had to collapse once on top of the ramp?! :slight_smile:

Seriously, the combined efforts of all of these people is simply amazing. If you haven’t thanked your RDs or FSMs yet for this season, please drop them a note and let them know how much you appreciate everything they do!

I have to agree with Kathie… Without these folks the Mid-Atlantic would not be as enjoyable and interesting place as it is now.

Thanks guys and gals! You efforts are greatly appreciated.

C’mon Billfred, it’s obvious that Brad, Dee, and I are on the RED alliance and we successfully thwarted a Beatty-Kloberg attempt to trap us on the ramp after we scored a combined forty balls in the center goal.

Kressly, you are clearly disqualified… where’s the place to stick your red alliance flag?

There are too many minors on here to properly answer that question :yikes:

Actually more likely, Kloberg said, “put your feet on the carpet” and no one could resist a Kloberg request… It’s that spooky power of his… Don’t look him directly in the eye :smiley:

Sorry to be the one to break it to you but you boys were obviously confused, as usual.
Dee and I were on the BLUE alliance.
Did you think that all those RED flags being thrown around were to celebrate the RED alliance?
Time for you to brush up on the definition of “back bot.”
Go girl power!

wow Paul and Rich in a photograph, i thought that if that much nerd got together that a black hole would form

They aren’t quite close enough yet to create a singularity…

we should recreate this in the off season at one of the events—
except we will hand the group one of the green lights…

WC :cool:

A VERY credible statement … coming from a 400-pound Pooh Bear :wink: