pic: Senior Project 2

This is the first semester project for my senior year at Alfred State College in the course of Robotics and Computerized Control Technology. This semester we had to make a pick and place project. What we came up with was a holiday care package. It includes two candy canes, two of those miniature Hershey bars and one hot cocoa packet. It has to be all automated with using pneumatics, conveyors and motors. I designed a vending machine type of thing to dispense the hot cocoa packets and a huge two stage thing with 8 pistons, 2 vacuums, and one rodless magnet piston to dispense the top’s of gladwear containers and to cap the bottom of the container when it has all the stuff in it.

This picture shows a little more of the top dispenser system and the elevator which raises the bottoms to get the candy from the conveyor. If you would like to view any more pictures contact me.