pic: Senior Project

heres my 6wd senior project robot a few days before my extension period runs out and i must hand in something.

Looks good. Should be fun to drive. Are those Colson wheels? Also, can we get some more closeups/info on those transmissions? Last, you mentioned you have only a few days left. Do you have questions on anything or need help with any problems?

Looks very nice Alex.

Btw, i must compliment you on the Sheets. I have that very same set. :smiley:

cute sheets alex :slight_smile:

look really great!! hope you get a A on it…

what exactly was the assignment details for this great creation???

hey stay away from my greasy sheets… yea the project was originally due Tuesday but i got an extension due to all the motors and electronics in ATL. so i will have till next Friday to hand in my portfolio and my project. those are our tyranny’s from last year, 2 speed shift on the fly re designed andy mark tyrannies. yes those are colson wheels 6 of them 4X2 with a hub that i made to drive them. if i had more time i would put the compressor and such on to make it shift but other then that its pretty simple.


I like this setup–nice and small and short, at least in relation to some I’ve seen.

I was looking at Robot Marketplace and their selection of Colsons–do you know any difference between the gray and black, other than looks? And how’s the grip on them?

Great work–hope to see the finished product!

for some odd reason the blacks weigh less then the gray’s by i think .5 or so OZ.


if you are going to do this, don’t put that center well down too far, mine right now is just touching the carpet on both sides. so I’ll update ya on how well it turns once i get it running.

This looks EXACTLY like the 121 drive train this year. The kit chassis is turned upside down and our gear box location is exactly the same. The ground clearance was about 1/8" and was a dream to drive. You should have a lot of fast fun with this thing. Just watch any of the american robot epsiodes and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I know this thread is a little old but how did you attach the sprockets to those wheels? Thanks.

Keyway and a shaft.

Would you happen to have any videos of it driving that you are willing to share?