pic: Shaker Robotics 2013 - Hanging for 10

Shaker Robotics, Team 2791, is proud to present our 2013 robot, DJ Bison. Here she is hanging off of the ground for 10 points. We checked, it doesn’t touch the ground, it’s about an inch off.

Drivetrain: 4 CIM single speed 4WD geared for ~11.3 feet per second. Back wheel is a 6" direct driven Colson, front wheel is a 2012 kit wheel (6").

Arm: Multifunctional arm serves as frisbee hopper, shooter, aiming system, and hanging mechanism all in one.

Hanging: Hooks on side of arm. Shoulder joint powered by a CIM geared ~900:1 through two custom gearboxes. ~2 second lift time. Due to inefficiencies in the gear train and strategic CG placement, gearbox does not backdrive from hanging position.

Hopper: Two-tiered system. Top layer holds three frisbees. Vex wheel and motor spin to drop a frisbee down to the bottom layer, staging it in the shooter.

Shooter: A 6" pneumatic piston pulls each frisbee into a two wheeled shooter. CIM and Mini-CIM each direct drive a pair of 4 7/8" Banebots wheels. Can comfortably make shots from most places past half court.

Aiming System: Aiming is done entirely with the arm. A camera feeds back to our driver station, which has a crosshair drawn on a piece of Scotch tape attached to the screen. An encoder and limit switch allow for autonomous positioning of the arm and a pre-set height for travelling under the pyramid and using the loader.

Weight: ~90 Lbs

We are extremely proud of this robot. We think this is our best robot yet. We’ve finally achieved that elegant simplicity we’ve always wanted.

Keeping it simple. I like it!
Can you shoot at the basket from a CLIMB? Looks like a lob shot might not be outside the realm of possibility.

Unfortunately our shooter is somewhat dependent on gravity and thus in this position it doesn’t work. We have tried from the floor but stuff bounces out - we will give it another go at less than full speed at BAE.