pic: Shaker Robotics 2014 Base Top View

Top view of our practice drive base, electronics board mocked up.

Nice compressor.

6 CIM = Vroom Vroom.

Why the thicker tubing on the drive side?

Where’s the power transmission Andrew?

Ah, thought it hadn’t been added in yet. Makes more sense now.

Such sexy
much colsons
very tube
much waterjet
such wow
very drive


Man, you guys are looking good! Nice choice with 6CIM Colson WCD :wink:

Can’t wait to see that beast on the practice field. TVR and FLR are going to be awesome this year.

I have a feeling that you might break the CRio II since it’s mounted on aluminum (I think). Someone please correct me if I’m wrong though!

The cRio frame does need to be isolated from the metal chassis. This picture is just a mock up of where electronics will go.

No it is isolated from the Aluminum. No worries.

Sorry Re-post

Are you going to mount the router where it is? You can’t see the signal lights with it facing that direction. Looks good though.

Great job guys, this looks sharp.

You might want to center the battery more left/right so you don’t bias the drive to one side. The side with the battery will have more normal force and therefore more traction.

This might be noticeable in autonomous routines where a driver can’t “correct” it by giving one side more power. Give both sides an equal amount of juice and see if it runs in a straight line.

Really nice!, like the detail of rivet patterns, etc. shows great attention to detail and lessons learned from the community. East meets West.

In my experience having an unbalanced robot won’t cause it to veer left or right when commanded straight, assuming neither side is traction limited. When trying to turn on point the imbalanced side friction can make rotating clockwise different from counter clockwise, although this difference is much smaller when the robot is moving.