pic: Shaker Robotics 2014 Drive Bases

Somehow we finished two drive frames faster than we usually finish one drive frame.

I knew the wheel concept would catch on! Are you running belt’s in the frame? Also what ratio are you running at?

Gorgeous! What weight does it clock in at w/ current electronics bar battery?

what kind of wheels are those?

We are running 15mm HDT belts inside the tube. We have been doing that for a few years now and it works great. Knock on wood, we have never needed to replace a belt, and even if we did, it is a pretty simple and quick process. We are currently running a 6.1 reduction, but we have quite a few options if we decided to change our mind. Next week we will be adding 4" Colson wheels, once our WCP hubs come in.

The frame alone weights in at 15 lbs. With the motors, gears, belts, and electronics (minus the battery) we weigh in at a svelte 45 lbs.

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Looks good!

Always knew Chris was a robot…