pic: Shaker Robotics Complete Chassis

Complete chassis. Some stats

6x1.5" Colsons with custom hubs
15mm gt2 belts

Nice work 2791. Your chassis is solid, clean and very professional looking. Hats off to you guys, it’s truly beautiful.


Very nice looking, love the blue…

Looking forward to seeing it at the RPI Tech Park in a few weeks

First of all, that is a pretty chassis. Powder coating always makes robots look more “professional.”

I was wondering why you decided to go 6wd with a “wide” robot. Most teams decide to go 6wd with a dropped center to make it easier to turn a long robot. However, you already have the wide track width that is required to turn. Was there something else that factored into your decision?

Me Gusta! I really like to see powder coated frames! Are those the toughbox micros?

I assume that its so they can cross the barrier…

Very interesting gearboxes. It appears that you’ve decided to spend a bit of weight on an extra set of 2nd stage output gears in order to keep the center of gravity nice and low. Seems like a smart choice for a game with a barrier to traverse and a bridge to climb.

Actually it serves two purposes. First, wide robots are easier to fit three to a bridge. We were uncomfortable with hanging wheels off the edge of the ramp to balance three without knowing if we had enough weight to load the side that is on the bridge.

Second, it gives a wide opening for our intake while eliminating the need for a “drop down intake” that some long robots are utilizing this year.

Fun fact, this robot will be unable to cross the barrier. Bridge only.

Nope. The gearboxes are custom, but based off the toughbox.We added two gears per side in order to “streamline” the gearboxes. It doesn’t really serve a purpose other than looking nice and keeping them out of the way.

Very nicely done. Good luck in competiton!

Jack and the rest of FRC2791,

It looks like you are going to need to keep some windex around to remove the finger prints.

Seriously clean and simple. Welcome to the Colson Performa wheel club.

Lookin good Shaker. Very clean.

Our club is growing by the year Foss.


Gorgeous! I’m glad to finally see some people going wide-orientation

And the battle for best looking EWCP bot has begun.

Nice! I’ll see you at GSR :cool:

Is this CAD or IRL? Because everyone knows Gary can out CAD all of EWCP combined. However, I’m still going to try and give him a run for his money.

Would you be able to snap us a pic of the live axle hubs you are using? I would really like to see how they look. Are they very similar to Foss’ dead axle hubs?

Beautiful looking chassis Jack! Looks like Shaker is really raising the bar this year with their belt driven WCD. Can’t wait to see it at the RPI field and compete with you at regionals!

Would you happen to know a weight for that?

It weighs 41lbs as shown.

A picture of our colson hubs can be found here. The press was the same size as the dead axle hubs RC and WCP are selling. and they were fairly easy to broach (we find the wider the piece, the straighter it broaches). The main difference between the live and dead axle hubs is our hubs do not have the flange for sprocket attachment.

I am very impressed to see the progress that Shaker has made over the past 3 years. 2010 was obviously your most successful year, but the last year and a half you guys have stepped up your game and the designs keep getting better and better. I hope that this year you have more build time than you guys did last year and I look forward to seeing you guys compete. I believe this is the year that 2791 will bring home their first banner.

Dunno man, pretty sure we might be catching up to Gary in the CAD department - but real bots are all that matter.