pic: Shaker Robotics - FRC 2791 Presents Atlas

A full reveal video to come but here are a few highlights clips:

Will be competing this weekend at Central New York Region and during week 3 at New York Tech Valley Regional

What a gorgeous robot. Well done, 2791! See you this weekend!

That ramp lift is so sweet. Awesome to see 2791 keep improving each year.

I like the black parts :wink: see you in Utica.

I’m a fan. That’s a really clever way to solve the double lift problem.

Love your ramps!!! We had initially looked at a design similar in Week 2 and 3 before deciding to go with a winch and a leg and I’m glad it worked out for you guys!

Smooth and deadly. Fastest ramps I’ve seen so far. Going to be an impressive season for Shaker IMO.

The robot looks very well put-together, are each of the ramps independently raised, or are they powered together?

They deploy at the same time, but can be brought up independently.

Love the 4bar lift! We looked at doing this initially but swapped to lifting instead.

I love the ramps! Virtually no additional height and super fast lift. The pocketing looks great, which leads to me wonder: How much do they weigh?

You guys seem to be setting up for another record season, with a very polished machine. Good luck!

They weigh in at about 11 lbs each.

Excited to climb on those ramps at some point this weekend :wink:
Good luck from 639!

The ramps that make me wish we did ramps. I love it.

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I can definitively say that this machine is in the running for my favorite robot of the year. Everything about the design is just smart.

Like always such an elegant design with attention to every detail. The picture does not do justice to the amount of detail that went into this design. Best of luck at CNY this weekend.

We love those lifters.