pic: Shavings

This is how we make robots…
we cut away all that is not robot.

You should totally use this as confetti for a party.

That may end the party though…

I can imagine the party dying, maybe literally, quite quickly.

HAHA lol that would be a blast though would it not?

i guess it could be…

aside from the possible death by metal shavings…

That gives me the chills…i was hand drilling a sprocket (with a wood bit:eek: ) and tons of the shaving lodged in my hand…not a pleasant feeling

We felt like recycling our shavings and we were at about 7 pounds of shaving from our 2 mills, 3 lathes and our CNC. I agree, shavings so hurt.

I wish we had the chip auger… we’ve made about 150 gallons of chips so far this season, and all of them have been scooped out of the machine by hand.

ive seen those types of mills (if im correct at a custom transmission shop. helps if your not switching between materials.

Or switching between bits without a tool changer :frowning:

I guess 254 is milling their robot out of a solid block of aluminum this year. 150 gallons would fill a box the size of the max robot dimensions about halfway. :rolleyes:

Oh man, please recycle that.

It could all be on our robot one day. Your trash, our treasure.

I would have to 3rd this sentiment. I’m the recycling police at our place, I take other people’s cans home for them (as I don’t think any Cans in Austin should be disrespected, thank you) and I even took our aluminum sheet metal scraps home last year to recycle. Next step, getting the GDC to change from SLA batteries to supercapacitors and infrared plastic solar cells!

yea where i work it has a 22 tool turret. unfortunatly ours does not. however we can now switch a tool in under three minute.s

If only our machine could handle material that big…

I sure do hope you recycle that, if that were to be melted that would easily be 10 lbs of scrap. Remember make Earth a happy place, dont make more waste

Dean Kamen would be Happy and we just got a $100 bucks for recycling all our cans for this season.

theres nothing like making chips