pic: Sheet Metal DriveTrain

Laser-cut DriveTrain, out of sheet metal

Looks slick.

What the thickness of the metal, and how much does it weigh?

Sheetmetal is really nice to work with, hope this works out well for you guys.

Did you use bolts up top, or is that some sort of special sheetmetal fastener?

Looks pretty slick, but why is there a gap on one side? Has the panel not been attached yet?

Also, how are you going to mount the bumpers?

Yeah, the last one’s not attached :smiley:
Well, we have a really cool bumper design, which allows for us to never need to take off the bumper (unless of course we really need to). Basically the little slits underneath the triangles are bumper mounts. then we’re going to have like a pin or something that keeps them in place, along with anything else needed to hold them in place. As for the actual bumper, we get one bumper with the two color schemes sewed together by a local upholstery business, put some velcro on them, and then we just pull the fabric off the velcro, and bam, its now the alliance color that we changed it to. It’s kind of hard to explain, but if you see 461 at a competition, swing by and ask about our bumper system.
The sheet metal is 1/8 in. thick and weighs, based on my memory from the CAD’s iProperties weight analysis, somewhere around 4-6 pounds

Be careful with the velcro, as you’ll incur a penalty if it happens to get ripped off during a match.

Slick chassis!

I see direct drive mecanum in there

How low is it off the ground? I know we are an inch and a quarter off the ground, just enough for bumper position.

Why yes, yes you do.

I believe an inch.

it’s a lot more secure than you think (skepticism is partially due to my poor explanation) we had the same design last year and it was never a problem

We had like about 10-15 velcro squares last year, worked fine.

hehe… i think i know who is doing the sewing and where you got the idea from… keep in mind i was on 1747 last year…

Klumpe’s embroidery?

copy of 1747’s 2010 bumper? (your description is an exact match of what we did)


anyway, for the bumpers, you have nothing to worry about, the bumpers work great as long as you size them right; having to un-staple and pop in slivers of pool noodle to widen the gap between 2 units on practice day is not fun at all… but the flap part had no issues at all.

drivetrain looks very pretty… nice job!

Considering we did this last year, i know that. and considering your team (previous team, that is) is a couple miles away from ours…enough said.
and we didn’t steal it and we’re not “busted”. i believe 461 came up with it, actually.
But, thanks for the thumbs up on the actual drivetrain. I CADded the ENTIRE THING myself:eek:

come to think of it, yeah, you did have that design. i was nto aware that you had it first… WHATEVER. a good design is a good design. period.

the busted was sarcastic… sorry.

i see someone must have been busy… cadding a drivetrain like that can be a pain sometimes (hence why i am not a cadder)

good luck this year, see you @ BMR!

Thanks! So im assuming 2783 will be at BMR, correct?

yes we will… and we hopefully will have a more successful bot/team. we have made some HUGE changes to everything… new shop location, new team structure, the only thing old is name, logo, most members, and tools/spare parts/old bots.

Good luck, tell Flo that Larry said Hi!