pic: Sheet Metal WCD

This is the first iteration of a sheet metal chassis.

All aluminum is 1/8".
It’s 30x24".
Weighs 25.2 pounds
Older 4" AM Performance wheels.
Shifting transmissions geared for 13.8/5.2 FPS.
All chain is ran inside of the side rails.
The side rails have an open bottom.
The side rails are composed of 2 halves, allowing for easy removal of the sprockets without removing the transmission.
It still needs some work like adding a belly pan etc.

Wow looks great. However, I have two suggestions. The top CIM looks like it could warp the plate backwards if it isn’t thick enough. Also, I know personally that chain inside tubes is typically problematic, though not impossible. I would recommend all gears if going inside the rails, and even then, you need large access holes. A better alternative would be to let the chain be outside the rain, so you can tension it with ease and access it more easily.

I would be concerned about warping or torquing the frame where the wheels are. We had some minor issues with using 2x1 inch 1/8 wall aluminum tube on our WCD this season, so just a precautionary

Great job!

Though I agree with the comments above. I would be worried about warping the frame as well especially sustains a strong impact. I would think about gusseting some of the corners as well as maybe adding a mounting point for the gearboxes on that cross beam. That way not all the load is just on that side plate.

just my 2cents

You might want to look into what it takes to put bumpers on a wcd.

Oh yes. Bumper mounting was a pain this year. It can be done with tube and a welder, but it will be more challenging with sheet metal

On my previous team, we prototyped a ‘sheet metal coast drive’ in the off-season of 2011 and did sheet bumper mounts and they can be tricky. There is a bunch of information in this thread: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98808

I’m curious what type of issues you ran into with 2"x 1" tube. Was it 6061-T6?

We designed some very simple .090" bumper mounting brackets on 3929 based off of 2826’s. They have simple 90* bends to form two tabs on the sides to rivet or bolt through. https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/563349_359437160835692_881089086_n.jpg

That drive also used 2x1 tubing and had 0 issues with the chassis as far as I know. Bellypan was integrated .090" pan into the front and back cross member. 10/10 would build again.

Overall, I must admit I enjoyed designing with 2x1 tube much more than with a pure sheetmetal frame. I felt that it simplified the design and was easier to have parts manufactured with a mix of tube+sheet.