pic: Sheet steel resting on CNC plasma cutter

This is a photo of the sheet of 1/4" mild steel that the clovers were cut from. It’s still resting on the CNC plasma cutter’s table in this pic.
I also uploaded a photo of the clovers.

The plasma cutter is one of the best new “toys” our team gets to play with this year. :slight_smile:

1/4" plate? I believe the spec is .098 Why so thick?

I believe I can answer this one correctly… and Hopefully Jay may see this tomorrow morning and verify my answer… but…

I think the ones we cut for this were to make the Center Goal Assembly or… Tetra Goal mockup from PVC, and not buy a Tetra Goal with connectors and what not, but make our own version of them…

I think. And, since the specs for those are not given, and weight is not an issue, but geometry is, then material doesn’t really matter as long as it is as close as possible to the “official” Tetra Goal as possible…

I think… :slight_smile:

Correct. We needed more clover connectors for the mock goals and someone suggested trying the new plasma cutter in doing them. 1/4 mild steel plate was what we happened to have on hand in the machine shop. The clovers that came in the kit we used to assemble a tetra with so those were used up.

Remember, this was also a learning experience with the new CNC plasma cutter. We’re just practicing with the CNC programming and the settings on the machine so when the time comes to start fabricating actual robot parts we will know how to do it.

In case anyone’s wondering the computer the plasma cutter is attached to uses AutoCad to layout the designs. If you do a design in another program you’ll have to import it into AutoCad. The school we’re based out of uses CadKey which we have no choice in.