pic: Ship Weekend at Northeastern

This picture was taken tonight in our lab at Northeastern. Three Smith Family sponsored teams came in for some help with their robot. They are from: Brighton, New Mission and Madison Park Technical Vocational High Schools.

Kudos to the Team 125 DOE and ALL the other build team members for a job well done. Spreading the FIRST message of GP is tantamount to a successful program and you folks have done an outstanding job…

I know how hard it is to build one, let alone 4. That is awesome!! I hope the other teams appreciate the assistance. (I know they do…)

Make sure the new Dean knows what a special job you guys have done. Blow your own horn and blow it LOUD!!!:smiley:

Thank You!!

When ship is less than 2 weeks away, and 3 teams come knocking on your door its hard to turn them away, but I can honestly say I loved having these 3 teams around.

4 robots is certainly no easy task, and we were just glad to help out some teams in need. We are looking very forward to watching our friends on the field in boston (hopefully they’ll be working with us).

Another build season down, another robot built (or is it 4 :wink: )

Thanks for the Kudos…

As Brandon said it was a tough challenge with 2 weeks left but we couldn’t knowingly turn them down.

It was probably the best build season I’ve had yet, and definately the most challenging. We did our one robot in 6 weeks, helped with another the entire time and then 2 completely from brainstorming to completed and ALL FUNCTIONAL in 2 weeks.

Helping these teams has been fantastic. All of them have great students and amazing teachers. They are the ones that really deserved the credit. We went out to their schools held some brainstorming sessions got their drivetrains running and then came up with some ideas. We polished/detailed them for production in about 2 to 3 intense design days go the parts list and started fabrictaion. A very long week later and we have 4 functional robots and we were ready to get them over to BU for their press conference on time.

It was a long last 2 weeks, don’t forget my Thermodynamics, and Dynamics midterms, but its my most memorable one.

Thanks to everyone Northeastern, Brighton High, New Mission High, and Madison Park! You guys are great and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Thank you. We are very proud of ourselves and the hard work of all teams involved. The new Dean will definitely receive a briefing on this incredible accomplishment. I left Northeastern at 2am today knowing our efforts would shine brightly when the teams showed off their robots at the Smith Family press conference at Boston University.