pic: Shooter Prototype Teaser

A little gun powder should do it… What do you think?

just a thought, if u turn over the frame right side up you might not need those pillow blocks for your wheels? (Assuming its a 1/2 offset by the pillow block) It save you some weight

Last year the drive team was working on these hard to make pillow blocks and half way through i asked them if they couldnt simply turn it over?.. sometimes its so easy, that it cant be obivious

If you choose to use that design for a chooter, you should call your robot “The Intimidator”, because who wouldn’t be afraid of staring down a barrel? :smiley:

We made the axle blocks out of aluminum. So we could save a lot of weight, the blocks pin the shafts down, since the IFI wheels come with their own bearings . Our goal was to keep it as low as possible.
Good thougth though.

y would any of that keep u from turning the frame over and not using the blocks?

We decided not to turn the frame over because the transmissions are going in between the center and rear wheels. We need a flat surface to bolt them down.

since you’re trying to get it as low as possible then i guess you don’t intend to climb the ramp, any maybe even push other robots onto your ramp, well turning frame upside down helps in this, also you can make something like we did (not sure what it’s called) to lower the frame even more. it requires some machining but nothing too difficult(just needs a drill press and bansaw)

here’s a close-up pic (our clerance was less than 1/8 of an inch last year)

as for the flat surface for the gearboxes, i’m sure there are many different ways to mount them, maybe come L channel, or you cut the places you don’t need(parts not supporting the wheels)

How is your clearance over the ramp? From the picture, it appears that your robot would bottom up, but then you do have that 3rd wheel that looks like it would keep if from bottoming out, but then again the front of your frame might hit the ramp.

We lowered it as low as possible but not to low that it would keep us from going up the ramp. The front clears and the rear doesn’t bottom out, the middle wheels do really help.

We are currently installing Andy Marks AM Shifter 2
Ill be posting new pic’s soon.

How and where are the balls loaded into the barrel?