pic: Shooter

Here is our first release…Hope you are all as impressed with our machine as we will be with yours…Best of luck in the final days of build. We’ll have more pics to come…remember, Sunny D (1994) is alive and well with us

i take it from the hieght of the shot that you have a reasonably high shooter…

You are correct. The little cheesey bicycle flag is the only thing that can block our shots.

I am curious about your reference to sunny delight. If i remember correctly from videos they had a catapult type shooter. What is the relationship? or are you just thinking you are going to win the championship :smiley:


Does anybody have a Part number, or know what these look like yet??
I’m aching to see what it will look like having the bots rollin’ around with flags sticking out of them.

The bots will look more like a remote controlled car with a huge antenna on them than a robot this year.

((Watch, next year we will be using IFI full 3 or 4’ long antennas with whip action to use instead of the radio modems.)
Hey John, and the rest of IFI, if you use that setup, I know where to get some nice connectors!!!)

Hopefully the FIRST crew will have some flags this weekend at the scrimmage in CT.
If they do, I’ll snag some pics.

Of course we’d like to win the Nats :wink: , but just building a strong consistent shooter with a similar system to Sunny D is our goal. You are right though, our shooter and height are different. Our kids had a great season designing and building the 2006 machine. Quite a few innovative changes were made compared to Sunny D.