pic: Shooting a pvc projectile from 70 yards out at Homecoming!

Using 60 psi, Marco and Lorenzo make a field goal from the 30 yrd line the the goal 70 yards away and they make it! This was during half time at Homecoming!

This looks awesome! Did you get a good response from the people who saw it?

Looks like a 1.5" dia. barrel. What on earth are you using as a projectile?? (Please don’t tell me it was some sort of rodent, because that would just be too wacky)

Rock on!

I’ve got plans to make one of these somewhere, but I’ll probably never get around to it because football isn’t well attended at our school.

Going by how full the bleachers are, it seems it is not well attended there either yet they are doing it.

Never give up hope. Maybe your contraption will not only make a name for yourself/your team but also bring people to the football games as well.

Mmm fun times. I have had many adventures with spudguns. I have never made a purely pneumatic though as i have no air compressor. I am currently working on a propane/MAPP/acyteline powered fuel injected cannon.

That’s hawt. i think il make one

heheh…i have a 2.5-inch-diameter barrel on my air cannon. It uses 120psi per shot. Also, i made an ice mold using leftover PVC from the barrel, so i have a projectile that fits exactly into the barrel and has almost zero friction as it’s launched. My cannon can make that shot from 150 yards, and destroy almost twice as much stuff when it lands.
That’s me holding the cannon in my picture.

Heres all I have to say…“The artillery is on the way! Onward team onward!” and “3…2…1…Happy New Year *boom *boom!” now maybe those are odd hints on what Col. Abney has up his sleeve but you all will be amazed! :slight_smile: These guys are making him raise the level of his guns…keep postin 'em, Maybe FIRST will make Air Cannons legal sometime!, and not " a hazard", as I believe they are referred to now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Psh, I saw a kicker put one through the uprights from 75 yards this weekend :slight_smile:

PS. You made an 80 yard shot, not 70. The endzone is 10 yards deep.

I have a leetle question about how one builds these contraption… how does one build them? I have been intested in doing it for a long time, I just don’t know how. Any advice on different methods that work well swould be awesomely cool.

Contact Mark Koors. He had some plans and even little kits madea couple years back.

I think I can answer everyones questions. We just made a ABS , 4 inch, tank with two endcaps. In one side we put in a threaded coupler connected to a ball valve, which had another threaded coupler that mated to the 1 1/2 inch grey pipe. We only used 60-70 psi. The projectile was a smaller pvc tube , 8 inches long, with two end caps that fit pretty close to the inside diameter of the grey pipe. Inside the projectile we weighted the front end with some bolts and stuffed the back end with foam. It was front heavy. This kept it going straight through the air.
I guess we did shoot 80 yards, forgot the endzone! We could have used more psi and shot farther, but alas no time to practice before the one shot we were allowed.
The stands are full! At least for Football at our school.

The whole trick with the air gun is to get the pressurized air out past the valve as fast as possible, only then does the gun work well. A quick wrist is essential!

No one mentioned how we got the picture! It was pure luck! We tried a dozen times earlier during the day and got not a one.

i’ve seen one guy make a battery launcher using a copper pipe and a bike pump… that puta hole in a brick wall.,…
edit; AA batteries

Carefully. I’ve had one shatter during use before. It was coldish outside so we figured that was the major factor, but we had also used it for quite a bit.


Knowing a wee bit about photography, I agree, that is actually quite an awesome picture! The timing of when the shutter was released, the duration it was open, even the stop action of your two students in comparison to the streak of the projectile and the expanding and condensing air all add up to a classic picture!!! That is one that you should have printed and framed. Great shot!! (Yes, pun intended!!!)