pic: Shop Closed?!?

Just because the shop is closed doesn’t mean that we can’t work on something. We foresaw the shop being closed tonight due to ice, so we packed up basically the entire electronics area into a box and one of us took it home. Then we had as many members of electronics/programming show up. Note that you can kinda see the electronics board (!!!)

This photo also is great for “I Spy”.

I spy something red, silver, metallic and very dangerous to electronics:D

I spy something with ISA slots

I spy a monopoly board, and Famous Cookies.:yikes:

I spy un-insulated crimp connections.

On a slightly different note, I think that that room is what my girage will look like in a couple days when we bring the robot home for the annual “sleepover”, and programming sessions.

Love this picture. Typical “Revenge of the Nerds” scene.

COKE!!! lol…

hmm lets see…what else can we spy here?

circuit boards, battery chargers and battery, and oh yea…a lot of wires

YES! I did that too! Have my basement set up with the robot, laptops, oscilloscope, etc…

Yeah i’m so glad i did it… and now i have two snow days to work on it!!! :smiley:


Daniel Lin Get Out of My house! why did You eat all of my cookies?

great picture, gota love that dog brush :stuck_out_tongue:

Way to revive the thread, Peter. And where’s the dog brush!?! Really a pity the shotgun didn’t make it into the picture. We use it for the really tough debugging.

And I ate like, 2 cookies.

Hey Daniel the dog brush was on the table next to the disassembled apple power supply.

but i spy a green pepper on the plate below you.

holy crap lol, i didnt even see that green pepper

Pssh you guys take your stuff home. Last year we had about a foot of snow and school was closed for two days. We were in the shop while everyone else was at home sleeping their day away. I dunno how people live without robotics. sigh

we’re still in the shop on half days and the days u get off for parent teacher confrences :stuck_out_tongue:

I spy with my little eye, not enough power outlets for the job at hand…

Isn’t that always the case though? :ahh: