pic: Shot in the Basket

shooting into the pyramid was an interesting task.

Agreed. People seem to forget that the pyramid goal is a horizontal target making it much more difficult to shoot into then the vertical goals.

Don’t assume that just because you can shoot into the vertical goals means that by changing a few things you can score in the horizontal goal. I bet we will see a lot of discs which are shot at the pyramid goals bounce off the chains and the center spoke. Or even bounce off the bottom of the goal.

I’m not saying its impossible or we will never see it happen, just that it will be very uncommon to see a team shoot into the pyramid goal.

Especially since the closer you are to it the harder it is to hit (due to angles)

If only there was some way to get right up close and just puke frisbees into there… nah… :stuck_out_tongue:

Our 2000 robot basically did that with balls. Humans fed it over the wall and it reminds me of someone swallowing something and the regurgitating it into a trough.

The link leads to a sign-in page.


Fixed hopefully

I know. I really wanted to make a simple dumping mechanism, but I just can’t seem to get close enough.

Sure there is, climb baby climb.

Can’t only colored Frisbees be scored on top of the Pyramid?

If you score white frisbees into pyramid it doesn’t count.

For all [strike]intensive[/strike] intent and purposes, practicing with any colored frisbee doesn’t matter.

Did you know that the actual phrase is, “for all intents and purposes.” I had no idea until about a year ago, and it blew my mind!!!


On a related note, yes, for practice it doesn’t really matter which color.