pic: Shovel knight 2016

I said a while ago that we were putting a shovel on our bot for an intake at world’s but since we were only ever requested as a defence bot (not complaining was soooo much fun) it never got on the bot. But here it is in all its…sketchiness I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

But does it work as a catapult? :stuck_out_tongue:

If not, what can we do make it work as a catapult? :smiley:

Uhh… How? Why?

This is amazing. Can we get some footage?

Can it do the shovel-fries?

After having thought about it briefly, it looks like this snow shovel as an arm could actually be a useful manipulator… With reasonable control and a little care you could probably:

  • Lift Portcullis (passive wedge, even?)
  • Lower CDF
  • Possess/coral balls… may not be easy to retain possession of while crossing Defenses though!
  • Potentially score in LG
  • Shovel Fries… and Snow!

To reply to alot this is a mass answer.
It doesnt work as a shooter but funny story, our robot quite obviously had no way to shoot so when teams at worlds came scouting if they actually asked if we could shoot high we said “that shovel back there can shoot 8 highgoals a match with no vision processing :smiley: . Funniest moment is when pre match stratagy started and the other teams mentor said " our scouts said you guys can do 8 highgoals a match” the look of confusion was priceless and one of my highlights this season (totally worth the hate I’m going to get for that. If that was you sorry guys, didnt mean to hurt anyone)

Andymark snowblower motor attached half by zipties to the frame (the 5870 norm :stuck_out_tongue: ), custom DD 10mm hub (too thick to realise we needed one while ordering so had to make one) driving a 22 tooth vex sprocket with a 3:1 additional ratio. 25 series vex chain. Used that setup for Mamooth primeval (our second intake) and blocker as well as this.

Balldozer, portcullis opener, CDF operator, looks stupid and fun :slight_smile:

Never put on at comp, the outreaches we did with it werent videos but I’ll post our old intake test videos below. This used the same motor setup to lift and lower.

And nathan youre absolutely dead on.

Snowblower motor? Seriously? Driving a snow shovel? Talk about an obvious–and mis-named–choice…

You guys need to keep that robot so you can dig out to get some food during build next season.

[Frozen] Water Game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we please let it go?

I actualy never relised that… wow. I guess we just gravitate towards snow

Don’t worry… 'sno problem at all.

Hey, this isn’t a caption contest yet :slight_smile:

Also, I really want to see the shovel in action. Especially attempting a high goal. :smiley: