pic: Shoving @ Battlecry


237 being pushed to the limit by 222 on Friday.

wow that is something you don’t see dam. i don’t know who to root for 222, or 237. i want 222 take them off the bar but 237 that is one great robot. i am still :ahh: from it but wow. that pic stands up to the name of the comp. battle cry is what this pic is.

Quite honestly, I wasn’t trying to take them off of the bar, I knew they wouldn’t come off. The shoving was to try and unhook my grippers from their 80-20. That was one hell of a match though. (Pardon my French). Great job 237 :slight_smile: .


This was a great battle. Got the whole crowd jumping up and down. Good stuff…

Does anyone know if there are any videos posted from BattleCry V???

No videos posted yet. However, within a few days (hopefully), video of every single match will be archived on the BattleCry website.

WOW. That’s all I have to say. Ok, that’s not true, I have tons more to say. I think I saw that match, but I forget it. what was the outcome there? I remember quite a bit of shoving at Battlecry- our robot got unhooked a few times.

I believe this is that round. Good, clean, fun.

Q36 09:39:00
red 237 = 120
red 177 = 120
blue 222 = 50
blue 155 = 50

This picture actually doesn’t do the incident justice (Sorry John).
By the end of the pushing match, 222 had us pushed all the way forward so that we were touching, and bending the stationary goal poles.

I did not even know that we could reach the goal from that point.
I guess you really do learn something new everytime you go to a FIRST competition.
Wow… That was almost a quote worthy statement… :smiley: