pic: Show us your Stronghold

Team 1619 got our Stronghold ready just in time for the big showdown tomorrow. Any Northeast Teams care to show us what you got???

Good Luck to everyone…especially the Broncos!!!

We do not have room for a field but we did hang a “hang bar” or in our case a really BA pull up bar.

Nice tower, but flag should be a red Chiefs flag.

Uh… That tower was taken down last weekend!!!

5484 in South Bend, Indiana has had our full field since week 1, ready to play!

If I may ask, how did you guys build the whole field so quickly? It’s really impressive.

Great job on the tower! Other than the Denver flag! haha


We put a solid day into building the field today with help from 5406, 4039 and 2069. Still a bit of work to do, but I can’t wait to see some full scale matches played here. I’m humbled by some of the carpentry displayed in this thread though. Great job guys. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qxdij7RufRWEZXI6p1HI52dr1NRQCBoOzQ/view

We put a lot of time and effort into making this.


These are both very impressive pictures!

Even just the ceiling height in 5484’s work area: could almost put a 2nd floor in there.

Are you guys going to hold a scrimmage? Might be a cool idea.

I love that flag! Can’t wait to see them in the super bowl.

That is a really beautiful field. We have our tower built and are in the process of covering it in stone plastic wrap (looks cool of what we have done). Now our defenses looked good but are getting super shredded after only a few days of driving… :frowning: . Do you have your defenses made yet? Thanks

…Get a few of us teams in the area to a mostly functional field the day before bag day. That would be fun.

Red Alert has you covered.

Hah! Love the various carpet colors from previous years. That’s a cool way to do it!

These are some pictures of a week or two ago! We’re finishing our sheetmetal outerworks this week.

We’ve laid down carpet last weekend. We’re hosting a European Scrimmage in the weekend of week 6.

5 Teams that are coming so far. We’ll host them from Friday until Sunday and they can work 24hours a day at the field or what ever they like.
They have some lathes and mills a door next door. We’re trying to settle some engineers that can help some teams out with parts and stuff.

I’ll post and updated picture at the end of this week.

I know 45 usually has most a field in Kokomo, IN.

Memento Vitam, team 5484, will be hosting a scrimmage the Sunday before stop build day for the area teams around South Bend, Indiana. We are currently working on a schedule for this casual event. Robot or no robot all are invited. Please email me if your team is interested and we will post a schedule after Sunday 2/07. Please RSVP before this date if you are interested in participating in the scrimmage. Everyone is welcome to come see, stand, design, prototype, ect… on our constructed field anytime from now to till the end of this season. I must have prior knowledge of your visit. My school district likes to know ahead of time who is coming and going. My email is [email protected]

Our schedule as follows
Weekdays = 4:00 am - 9:00 pm
Saturdays = 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Also here is a little teaser trailer our media team made for this season.