pic: Showing how its done (Part 1)

Attempting to cap in the Bean Bag Bash, a great game for team mentors designed and run by students from FRC1675 and FRC1714. JVN is going for the cap for a 2x multiplier. The event was held at Bradley Tech HS in Milwaukee in conjunction with the unveiling of the Milwaukee VEX League game for 2007, “Marble Madness”.

I think we all need to take note that the organizers of this event were very smart: JVN is driving a robot, while Karthik is watching… :wink:

Its pretty clear why they designed Vex, not us…

I want to thank them (again!) for coming all the way to Milwaukee for this event. While the event was small, it still had the feel and look of any of its bigger companions. Maybe next year we can draw some more “celebrity” teams for this event (Baker, Copioli, Raul, Beatty - I’m looking in your direction!)

Karthik, watching? No, I imagine he’s coaching, or emcee-ing, or mentally re-designing – perhaps all three. But he is definitely not just watching.

However, it probably is a good thing that JV’s the one with his thumbs on the joysticks.

He was masterfully loading beanbags!

In this picture they are playing against two of the students who designed the game (they stomped 'em pretty bad.)