pic: Shredding for Team 2775

Harley White, Sayde Baker, Eric Jones, Brandon Rehak of Team 16

These Bomb Squad students had today off from school. It is sunny and 70 degrees here in North Arkansas. They chose to spend their afternoon shredding paper to earn money for rookie team 2775 to get to Atlanta. (I own a paper shredding operation, the Shred Squad, to provide jobs and fundraising for our team.) We got to know Team Dewalt in St. Louis where they were the Regional Finalist, Highest Rookie Seed, and Rookie All-Stars. Our students were so impressed with their team and thrilled that our new friends got a ticket to Atlanta that they wanted to do something to help.

Well, that’s just cool.

The Bomb Squad delivers on the promise of FIRST in many ways. This one is especially cool. 2775 --> Atlanta. :cool:

Thanks for sharing the photo, Meredith.

Meredith, I can’t tell you how awesome you guys are!
What I can tell you is how much our kids are looking forward to hanging out with you guys again.

The even funnier part about it is that our robot’s name is “Shred”

Thank you guys so much! And we’ll see you in 12 days!:eek:

I actually knew that (and forgot) until you reminded me. Your robot does have a lot in common with my 1,000 lb, 10 hp, LOUD grinder…“Shred” is a lot prettier, however.

Can’t wait to see you guys!

Shredding for Shred. It’s the bomb.

Edit: sigh I just could not help myself…

THIS is why I love FIRST…

Both your teams are awesome, I look forward to meeting you. :slight_smile:

Meredith/team - question please -
can you explain a little of the shredding process? Is it messy or dirty or hot?

I think it is very cool that the team members used an afternoon off from school on one of those delicious spring days that can be so fleeting, to do this. Glad you captured the moment as well.


Thanks Bomb Squad! I know that 1511 will be very excited to meet 2775 in Atlanta, and I’m glad that they are getting great help in their fundraising efforts! Their mentor, Greg Needel, was a college mentor during our first years and it is wonderful to see a new team take flight!

This is awesome! Thank you Bomb Squad for this excellent outreach to other FRC teams!

This is but one small reason to love The Bomb Squad. We first met them in Palmetto in 2006, and came oh-so-close to winning the regional with them…

What I find even cooler is the spray foam insulation - I’m a sucker for good insulation. Honest.

It is definitely dirty and messy (sometimes hot if we get stuck doing it in the summer. We try to avoid that). The whole process is pretty simple. One student to load paper onto the conveyor belt. Two or three students to bag up the shredded paper. I think on this day after about 3 and 1/2 hours of shredding we filled 30-40 32 gallon trash bags.

And thanks to everyone for the nice messages!

I posted a copy of the Shred Squad mission statement here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2235?