pic: Shuttle Launch March 15th


For those of you that were disappointed you were not able to see the shuttle launch because it was moved to Sunday, here is what you missed out on. The sun had already set, and when Discovery reached high enough, the sun rays turned its vapor trail almost into a rainbow. One of the most beautiful launches I’ve seen.

Picture taken from Floridatoday.com.

they also have video of the launch here


I watched it from my house out over my lake(pefect view)…i actually heard it:D

That looks amazing… I wish I could see something like that live… I stayed at Cocoa Beach over the winter, and it was really amazing, I could just imagine watching it…

At first I was jealous of you guys who got to see it.

Now I’m just jealous of the astronauts :cool:.

OH! i saw the launch from the beach. it was amazing

i missed it :frowning: i was driving back up to school. only like 7 or 8 launches left.

I might have to put that on a list of top 10 things to do -
watch a launch from the beach. Different ways of thinking of infinity - the ocean waves, the grains of sand, space - that would be very cool.

watched from my house, after a little while the upper winds distorted the lighter colored part at the top, it was quite beautiful actually

I saw it from my plane flying home (I think we were over Georgia by then).
It was really cool to see.

Team 25 got back from Universal and pulled into the parking lot with 2 minutes to launch. We all hauled out into the middle of a vacant lot just in time to watch the launch with awe and applause.

It was the crowning memory of a great trip.

In Jersey when we see stuff going up into the sky it usually means something has exploded…

WC :cool:

When I first glanced at the picture, it scared me for a bit because I thought the shuttle had 180’d itself and exploded… But after a careful look, indeed, a beautiful launch :slight_smile:

That must be awesome to see in person. I remember in 2002 (or 2001?) at World Championships in Epcot we were able to see the shuttle from the Einstein Field stands during the competition. They showed the shuttle launch on the big screen then a few seconds later you see a line of exhaust forming high in the sky. Hopefully I’m remembering this correctly! :slight_smile:

Drove out to the Cape for it… drive out was fine, but drive back was pretty absurd (waited 3 hours before even trying and it was still congested).

Ignore the ugly bloke in the front…

Yeah it’s pretty awesome, my favorite was probably when it went up during one of our football games, we’re in Port Saint John just south of Titusville.

To Tim, I Feel for you, traffic gets pretty bad after a shuttle launch…always lol

I was soo happy to hear that it was going to go off while I was down there! It was beautiful! It was the second launch I have ever seen, and I was glad I was there for this one. I don’t think there is a picture that could capture the true beauty of it.

Actually, it was the launch of the 2001 Mars Odyssey mission that was shown during the 2001 Championship on the Einstein screen. It was a great view from the stands - you could watch the live video being piped in on NASA TV of the launch, then look over to the east and see the launch streak as the Delta II rocket ascended.

Maybe if we ever end up with Championships back at Disney, a lot more people will be able to see things like that.



Seeing a launch wold be very cool and is on my list…I really want to HEAR one! I am told by co-workers the roar of the SRBs is something to hear.