pic: side view of ROCCOBOT-partially raised


one more pic upon popular request

Look, its our pretty robot, all dressed in pink, ready to rock and roll…

Now, where’s its Dream House?


Yeah, here at 696 Circuit Breakers we have a few pink parts of our own. Definitely not the whole thing though.

oh, i get it now. Didn’t relize you could stack like that from your first pic.

Can’t wait to get everyone back together at UCF. just over two weeks now?

I keep wandering back to this picture…
The more I look at it, the more I like it…

Nice job RoccoBot…

thanks for the compliments guys, we worked hard as all of you did…we just decided to make it pink to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to which team we were. Yes we can stack, push boxes, and navigate blindly, we also have two gears. Fast and OH MY GOODNESS.

Hope to see everyone @ UCF, Seattle, and Houston

Awesome design, I love the arms. And you know, “Pink is my favorite color…”

Hey, we have the same 4 arm design on our 'bot, but I was wondering, how did you all solve the binding problem when raising them? Do both the front and back axles drive the arms?

Yeah, the four arm parallelagram is a nice way to accomplich the lift. To keep it all from binding we just drive the front bar, the back ones just tie it down and keep the arms parallel to the floor, rotation is about the front axis. We also spread out the front from the rear so that it would fold pretty flat and offset the front and rear so they go between one another. hope that answers your question.


gotta love the color