pic: Simbotics' Quad Quandary Rings

This past Friday night we started building our practice field. After 6 hours on the lathes, this was the result.

I’m somewhat dubious as to whether any robots will actually be able to pick up those rings. Unlike the FRC Ringers the FTC rings are hard and inflexible - meaning that the manipulator needs to flex in order to provide some grip. But finding a nice flexible rubber in the vex kit might be hard.

Then again, I’m sure someone will prove me wrong… :]

there are plenty of ways to grip, using the VeX kit and allowed accessories :slight_smile:


Why not miter/chop/radial_arm saw?


Sigh, I have to cut my rings by hand, with a handsaw… Its gonna be a lonnng week.

When using a lathe you get a more uniform ring with minimal amount of sanding needed, however, with a miter/chop/radial saw, you may not get a perfect cut every time.


You’re hired. Please produce 37 such sets of rings, and ship them to Manchester by COB 12 Oct 2007.

did you do 105 rings for some reason other than just cutting whatever 10’ made?

Hmm, this makes the 3-4 I want look like child’s play. Nice stacks.

reminds me of my picture where the SPAM vex kids stacked all the gears…

Did you use spray paint to paint the rings or what. It’s a very uniform coat.

I’m scared some thing tells me that Simbotics is gonna be able to score all those rings they look good though

We are using this saw with a 60T carbide tipped blade; our blade is old and imperfect, but with some careful attention to technique we are able to hold pretty decent smoothness and squareness. We are relieving the edges with a deburr tool and cleaning the cut pieces with alcohol before painting. We cut about 20 pieces yesterday. I’ll post a photo when we’ve finished a batch.

Looks very professional. I strongly suspect Simbotics will score an obscene amount of those this year. Of course while possessing all four goals. Last year their robot accomplished every single aspect of the game challenge better than any other robot.

Yea and I wouldn’t be surprised if they find a way to hang on the bar… just for kicks :stuck_out_tongue: