pic: Simbots & Patriots

The Simbots & Patriots celebrate their second regional win together in as many weeks.

I was just looking at this picture, and I noticed that the ribbons on their medals are different from the ones received at all of the US regionals I’ve been to. Is this a new development?

Nope - the Canadian events have been using the ribbons with red maple leafs and white backgrounds since at least 2004. Now something new (I think) I noticed this year were some truly snazzy wider Olympic-style ribbons for the GTR Chairman’s Award winners. Perhaps 771 would have a picture of one of those.

Two of possibly the best designs, with two of the best drive teams that I have EVER seen. Some of our scouters were having fun calling them “Metric Beatty” and “Metric Beatty Jr.”.

I can not wait 'till IRI.