pic: SimChickens?

I found this on the simbots web server the other day while I was looking for robot pictures it was called “2008 t-shirt.jpg”

If this is real I am scared… simbotics and the thunderchickens working together will mean a new age of epicness will arise.

they have yet to feel the wrath of 1565!

I knew it! This year seems like its gonna be insane:yikes:

Can’t wait to see their bots in action in Atlanta:D

The more teams that collaborate the better. One fewer design that the rest of us have to beat. :wink:

Is that what it’s called when Paul gives Karthik a piggyback ride?

Never fear guys and gals… I know how to fry chicken!

Pros:Get to see what happens when Karthik and Copioli work together
I get to see 1114’s design the first week at STL.
Will make great partners

Cons:It is 1114 and 217 they really didn’t need any help to dominate
I am going to need a new 1114 shirt

Whatever, this is going to be epic

this can only mean one thing! 1114 needs help!!! they have realized for some strange reason that they’re not good enough this year and have called in for reinforcements!! either way, they’re going to do awesome.

Good luck guys :slight_smile:

Thats some good photo editing Greg. Good joke on everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

what!?! actually this makes sense because try going here: http://simbotics.org/
there’s nothing there

wait is that there website, it’s from a sig

Of course this is fake, “Fear” isn’t GP :stuck_out_tongue:

I spoke with Karthik last week and he mentioned that he is on the phone with Paul at least 4 times a week.

Yeah, but language lessons don’t make a collaboration.

[Same old tired slam] What about singing lessons? Wait, there’d have to be a 3-way call going on for that to make sense…one for Karthik…one for Copioli…and one for someone who could actually sing. [/same old tired slam]

Just getting it out of the way. :slight_smile:

Ouch, when did this become a burn thread?
This coulda been a Caption contest if someone had a pic of them together (wink;)

My wife has been getting on my case because my cell phone bill has been unusually high the last two months. Apparently, the Toronto area is not in my cell phone plan.

Mrs. Copioli enters the room, angry, with phone bill in hand.

Paul: “IDK, my BFF Karthik?”

Hey guys I actually found this online. This afternoon I did the same thing to the thunder chickens site and found it. It was still here at the time I am posting this message but I can only guess it might disappear similarly to the Simbots one. http://thunderchickens.org/images/2008/08shirt.jpg

Regardless of the final outcome… collaboration or hoax, I think this is a great design for a t-shirt! I’m putting it on my wish list with the “Koko Ed is my Home Boy” shirt! :cool: