pic: Similar


I saw a similarity. Am I crazy?

You’re not crazy. Eleven is the new seven.

There is a difference in the number of wheels:) I kind of like having the game be like what is was in 2007. We can learn from the past mistakes. Kind of like a once in a lifetime second chance…

Btw this is going to spotlight. Summarizes everything.

I like this, simple :slight_smile:

How much does it weigh right now.

Best Quote of 2007.

Look at the manual. The team numbers on the alliance wall… 254 is there :smiley:

Mentors may have past mistakes to avoid in their minds, but unless the [then middle school] students were somehow tied to an FRC team in 2007 then they probably won’t have anything but evidence that was left behind via pictures. Those who were freshmen in 2007 graduated last year :wink:

Yea. Funny how that worked. 4 year cycle.

And it’s kinda interesting, how it was 2007 that was a remake of an old game, and this year seems to be a spiritual successor to 2007. I always hoped that the tagline “FIRST Frenzy” would be used on more FIRST games and it would be a sort of game that would always be updated. Seems that the tube games are where it’s at.

Thats the same robot, the three robotics that are in the game animation that are real 2007 robots are team 254, 330, and 233. :yikes:

Our mentors that were around back then are really applying what they learned from '07 and and the new students (the team is nothing but freshmen this year) are liking it.

I was a freshman in '09, but I have experience with the '07 robot, not the arm, but I have driven it (with most of it lifted off of the ground and supported by free spinning and swiveling casters, Also, the only 2 wheels that remained in contact with the ground were rover wheels, it was an interesting experiment).

Also, we still have the '07 bot so we can still learn from it.