pic: Simple Drive Train Concept

Our students designed a prototype drive train over the winter, and it’s ready to receive code just in time for Saturday. Yet it wouldn’t be legal with the 2009 bumper rules, so last night I took a little bit of time to play around with an idea I had, based off of the students’ concept. I wondered what the simplest drive train to construct would be, and was inspired by the AndyMark Nano’s. Though they’re not shown, the joints have inserts into the Aluminum tubing that allow epoxy and rivets for rigidity (gussets were added after I took this picture).

4 AM Nano’s, 4 CIMs, 4 Performance wheels (hex shafts/bores, wheels are direct driven)
2 AM Omni wheels, chain driven from the middle wheel with a 32T-48T reduction to account for the increased size
Constructable with hand tools; no need for CNC or welding (though welding would help lighten it, it’s not required)
Costs around $600 to make, assuming one already has the nuts/bolts/rivets
29.45 lbs for you weight watchers :wink:

The anecdotal evidence we have that the AndyMark Nano’s won’t explode from the weight is our 2009 robot, which also had all 148lbs supported by 4 AM Toughboxes that went through some somewhat violent pivots as well. Those things really are … tough!


I love the simplicity, very nice.

You could switch to 4" omni’s and avoid the sprocket reduction.

If the game doesn’t require max traction you could skip the chain to the omni’s and really make a simple robust drive.

Well done.

Interesting! I would say that you could you could do a four wheel base, just remove the middle wheels, and as IndySam said, run chain between the two ends, or keep the six wheel base, run chain from the middle to the ends, lower the middle wheels 1/8" and replace the omnis with regular wheels.

Overall its nice but I would change a couple things. The first is this design could be simplified by just using a normal toughbox in the middle and then chaining to both outer wheels. It would be lighter as well since it would require half as many gears. Also the way the frame is laid out here gives you a relatively higher center of gravity which could make your robot less stable.

Nice. It’s simple, looks easy to build, and it’s purple.

Is the configuration shown made to be compliant with this year’s bumper rules? The largest omnis only have a radius of 4 in, only putting the bumpers about half way high enough for the new bumper rule. “BUMPER ZONE – the volume contained between two virtual horizontal planes, ten inches above the floor and sixteen inches above the floor.”

Still like the design, but not sure about bumper height.

This design was created and posted before kickoff and was not intended to be designed with 2010 in mind. Please read the entire thread before posting.