pic: Singapore Science Center Q & A

Jared Explains Daisy’s Pop Caster System to a Polytechnic Professor

People stayed for over an hour after this presentation to ask questions. I wish all demonstrations were so captivating :wink:

I’m also going to take this opportunity to point out that we may be the only team in FIRST that mills our team number into the bottom of our robot. :yikes:

I noticed that, mainly because there I first thought it said “ThE”, not 341.

Did the robot have any mechanical problems across the (other) pond?

At the Science Center, one of the best moments came during the machine demonstration. The turret drive chain came off and the team went to work. Both students and mentors jumped in to work on the machine. The students fixed the machine on the spot, while discussing what happens in the pit during a FIRST competition. We were also proud to point out to the audience that the students were doing the repair. The audience had the chance to see what really happens at a FIRST competition and everyone cheered after Miss Daisy started working again.

We also had some other minor problems:

  1. Battery drain and air pressure loss due to allowing “Guest Drivers” that operate all of the devices at once. (Hey they were excited)
  2. Strange electrical anomalies due to converting from 220V, 50 HZ. Mostly charging issues and outlet overheating.
  3. We also had to disable our pop caster for some demos so that we did not scratch their beautiful wooden floors.

Otherwise we were pretty lucky.

The biggest trick was actually getting our robot out of customs in Singapore! :ahh:
It almost got sent back to the USA because Millennia Institute is not a registered importer. Something we overlooked in our planning.