pic: Singapore Science Center

Students get a closer look at Daisy after our lecture

I’ve done dozens of demonstrations in the seven odd years I’ve been a student and mentor on team 341, but this one really stood out.

The questions that people asked were so highly technical - everything from why we chose to use which motors for which part, to even what the exact PID algorithms used on the drive and turret were. No wonder the Singaporean Vex team is the reigning world champ.

were the students asking all those advanced questions…I helped build that and i dont know what a pid algorithm is

Some of the more advanced questions were coming from college professors. But that is a good sign. They had a keen interest and some are considering providing help to our partner schools.
One professor from the Polytechnic Institute was so interested that he gave our kids a tour of his robotics facility and went out with us to tour Singapore. He went with us on a Bumboat ride (Singaporean river boat) and sat next to my 13 yrd old son, telling him stories about Singapore. What a great experience! Hopefully we are creating a new nation of FIRSTaholics.
Maybe I’ll post a picture of a bumboat a little later. They are very cool.