pic: Skunkworks Team 1983 - Drive Wheels - Autodesk Inventor Award Submission

Wow, nice CADing. It seriously looks like a picture.

I guess that the Vex Line sensors act as some kind of distance measuring system, IE If Line Sensor == 1 Add 1 to Value? Nice Cad Job BTW

Thanks for the compliments. I did my best in the model and it took me a while since this is my inventor rookie year.
Our sensors were used to measure the number of spins for our holonomic drive because of technical problems we ditched this idea. The sensors now still help us to keep all motors spinning at the same rate.
Unfortunately I cannot tell you about our programming. I am just the Inventor design guy. But I can get some information for you if you really want!
@lilstogi11: Did you check out our electronics board? I spent a lot of time doing it.

This is your rookie year in Inventor? And yes, it is by far the best wiring I’ve ever seen done by a student and many professionals. Awesome job. So was it late in being submitted?:stuck_out_tongue:

believe me… I spent a lot of time on their. In my midwinterbreak I spent all my time in Inventor and even the last three days I had long night hours during school nights! But I finished on time… it was really a challenge though… I won’t be on the team next year though since I have to go back to Germany (I am one year exchange student.).