pic: Skydive follow-up

This is one of the many photos I had taken in flight. Also, time for a new WAI.

(Maybe we will see another skydive action shot soon, Brandon’s disk of pictures is on the way up to Boston.)

by the look on your face it looks pretty fun. How long are you in the air falling and how does it feel against your body?

Heh, I couldn’t help but notice how your hair is all in the guy above you’s face.

thanks, Vivek

Depending on jump and pull height (the later being a little more standard for your first jump), you can free fall anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute or more. I think I was in the air for about 45 seconds. I would have to check the video I had taken to be sure.

When you say “in the air.” Do you mean free falling or actually off the ground?

Probably free falling. While I’ve never skydived before, I know it takes a few minutes after the chute is deployed to slow down to a safe landing speed and to float back down to Earth. Also, once you jump out of the plane, you are a falling brick! You don’t have very long free falling, even from that high altitude.

were did you do that

Free Falling

Sussex Skydive in New Jersey

I just have to say, that looks like a very fun time.

Oh geeze Henry get a haircut. :yikes:

That’s an expensive amusment ride, not sky diving. When you jump out of a plane untethered, fall in a stable position for at least 5 seconds and pull your own cord your sky diving.