pic: slap dragon 281

Autonomous every time.
Pickup from floor.
Shoot high goal.
Shoot over truss.
Low goal if needed.
Solid defense.

I’m curious, what is the roller on the back for?

It seems like it could be used to keep the ball in while driving as there isn’t a hole for the ball to leave it through.

If i recall correctly, the back roller is part of the intake, and it rotates up front to grab the ball. The entire intake assembly rotates back, and that back roller moves even further back to let the ball drop into the shooter cradle. You can see video of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9rkm1bmmXo

Did you link the wrong video, or am I missing something? Or are the numbers of the teams in the match wrong in the video description?

The team numbers in the description are wrong, but you can clearly see 281’s robot on the blue side of the field.

Yeah, that’s pretty sweet. So compact also.

Interesting enough, since our first floor pickup design failed when we tried to implement it at Palmetto we were drawing up a new design a few nights ago and it is extremely conceptually similar to what you guys use in terms of floor pickup. In fact our robots might end up being very similar if we go with it.