pic: Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements some teams had setup at TNT.

I wish FIRST could find a way to let this happen at regionals… Or even Nationals. That would be seriously cool: Indoor camping with a herd of robotics geeks. The fun would never end!

Where do you hammer the steaks into? Where do you cook the s’mores? What event is this?

Tempest in Tampa. There was a lock-in at the Sun Dome Friday night for high school students. Practice rounds were held followed by a lan party, guitar hero, dodge ball, human rack n’ roll and other forms of entertainment. The teams brought sleeping bags, air mattresses and yes, some tents. For every ten kids, the team had to provide one chaperone that also stayed at the dome to help monitor the students throughout the night. Qualification and Elimination rounds were held on Saturday.

lan party, guitar hero, and dodge ball? how could it get better??

well a little halo 3 would be nice, but thats still awesome! :smiley:

There was plenty of Halo 3 we had a lan party going with 4 xbox’s and at one point had one hooked up to the projector being used for the field and played from the stands lol :smiley:

hooray for wireless controllers!!

just HOW big was the projector?? man u shoulda taken a picture of it!

people get a kick out of big screens :>

I don’t have a photo of Halo, but here’s the Guitar Hero screen. When teams gathered in the stands, students were still able to play from across the arena!

TNT was amazing and the Team Social rocked!

thats pretty sweet, how big do u think that screen was? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you had some form of sleeping pad, the cement floor doesn’t exactly look comfy.

most people brought air matresses, their was also a mentor room, for the unfortunate people who had to drive home the next day, with comfy couches and the like. and a lot of people didn’t sleep:yikes:

haha, there were at least 50 kids who were up all night long. Bunch of them were playing Halo 3 for 13 hours straight. It was a blast.

Sounds awesome!

Man, that sounded like fun! Better than a regular lan party or normal FIRST event.