pic: Sleeping on Einstein

Even the best drivers lay down on the job once in a while…

John, This is what happen’s when he’s not behind the wheel in my car too! Just give him 3 min’s of nothing to do and he’s Out!

Got to Pick on my Boy sometimes…

Sometimes up, sometimes down… Sounds like his Fantasy First performance. (near the bottom during regionals, 2nd for the championship).


Championship driver requirements: rock solid robot, minimum 3 minutes of sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Another victim of Dewtoxification.

Caption contest?:rolleyes:

You guys are so harsh on the kid lol. Nice pic John reminds me of Pat in 05 on 67’s championship run.

now the real question, is that Gerber or a Leatherman…

Well, I saw this last night, but instead of commenting, I decided to sleep on it. [Sorry :P]

Saturday’s are beastly for myself, and I’m sure other drivers, but add 3 or so more hours to it for Einstein, and it’s just depleting. I’m surprised a picture of me sleeping on our Pelican control case hasn’t surfaced. Regardless of the fact that I was on the floor of our charter bus, I slept extremely well that night.

Oh, and it’s a Leatherman. They don’t feel to great to sit on when they’re in your back pocket, even with the comfortable floor of the Georgia Dome beneath you!

I’d be praying a future employer never sees that pics…
At least your robot don’t sleep on the job :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I did this during lunch break in Los Angeles. One of the other referees threw a trackball at me. Thankfully, I had my safety goggles on :wink: (Kidding, it didn’t hit me in the face)

Ahhhh… sleep… looks like fun, i wish i could do that right now…

So it wasn’t just my team who used the floor of the bus to sleep (me included). It actually is a great place to sleep. :cool:

Or a pic of myself sleeping on our rivet boxes :wink: we all took some much-needed shuteye between matches out there. Fun stuff.

Well, we all fall asleep on the job every now and again, besides robots can wear you out. :slight_smile: